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Investyn Synergies LLP

A financial planning and investment Management Company located in the Hyderabad. We offer comprehensive financial planning services, what sets us apart is our portfolio design and asset management strategy. After thoroughly understanding our clients short and long-term goals, risk tolerance and expectations, we design an asset allocation that is unique to each clients personal situation. We take a very hands-on approach with our clients, managing each individual account internally, monitoring investments on a daily basis, providing regular reporting and conducting frequent account reviews.

A personal financial advisory service provider to individuals and corporates. We are in business of advising, managing and executing portfolio within carefully designed process frame, so as to create wealth and save money to our customers. We venture as the single-point service provider where all financial, tax and investment preparation services can be found under one roof. The company has strong leadership team with a history of entrepreneurial and management achievement.

To be the most trusted and leading provider of independent financial advisory services and also to provide elicits and best services to our investors. We guide our clients to achieve financial freedom and get a healthier financial well-being for rest of their life. We serve our investor with respect and provide them with copious opportunities to learn and grow. Our Customers financial prosperity is our top priority.

Investyn Synergies is a start-up firm with a decade of expertise in the Financial Services Industry. Its product and service lines comprise of Mutual Funds, Systematic investment plan(SIP), NRI Investments, Investment advisory services, Portfolio management, Wealth creation, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Child Plans, Retirement Plans, Equity, Fixed deposit, and Investment Tax Advisory Services.




  • To create and be a client-centric wealth management company


  • To stay unbiased in all aspects of the wealth management process


  • To create an environment where the interest of clients, employees and the firms are aligned



  •  As an investment advisory firm, our objective is to provide unbiased advice and services to the investors inducing them with a wide range of financial products.


  • Preparing for life uncertainties is a major concern no matter your financial situation. While one is not completely prepared for the Unforeseen, having the consolation that you are prepared financially is important.


  • We provide Life insurance, Health insurance, and General insurance to prepare for the unpredictability at reasonable cost, and allow you to focus on optimization and creation of wealth.


Financial Planning

With our financial planning, we make your money work for you. Its now the time to reap the benefits, not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones that rely on you.

Our Wealth Manager understands your financial goals, and suggests the plans that focus on your life aims into a realistic and workable strategy. While we employ the best of technology to assist you in this practice, our real expertise comes from being focused on your unique situation and requirements. So whether its retirement planning or developing a plan for the childrens education, the assumptions that make your tactics a success are researched and adjusted to your needs.

Our process is designed to make this as the vital part of wealth management into a continual exercise by taking into account your life changes and goals.


Asset Allocation

By focusing on a large poll of asset and sub-asset classes, we bring effective diversification to our asset allocation plan.

Our internal and external resource pools have assembled in-depth knowledge on these types of individual asset classes. We work on powerful asset allocation patterns to tackle your requirements and various market circumstances.


Investment Management

In Investyn synergies, we operate with best-of-the-breed products and top performing mutual funds to reach your investment objectives.

we create awareness among retail investors about Insurance Planning & Mutual Funds and today we stand proudly as the most efficient service provider for all the financial products & services including the new age financial instruments like Mutual funds, and other investments. The main pursuance of our company is the Financial Planning services like

  • Investment Planning
  • Cash flow Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Child Career Planning
  • Children Future Planning
  • Retirement Planning.

We build our clients portfolios with top rated as well as best performing mutual funds and suggest the best suitable life, health and general Insurance plans that fulfill their requirements. We focus on identifying the ideal products for our clients through a rigorous qualitative and quantitative process. By building an investment portfolio rather than a collection of products. We hope to optimize returns without amplifying perils.

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